1. kateoplis:

    Serious gorgeousness: Rijksmuseum Revisited

  2. ryanpanos:

    Lifeguard Houses | usrdck

  3. toriamos:

    "Still shooting the video for Troubles Lament, here are some more photos from behind the scenes!"

    (via earwithfeet)

  4. cross-connect:

    SOP2099, one of the most promising young art creatives in china today
    Check out the newest work from the brilliant mind of EDGE Creative Collective member, SOP2009.

    SOP2009, is an incredibly talented painter whose real name will not be disclosed… His paintings are so unique, as the contrasts in colours, mood and subject are so intriguing. Based in Chongqing
    His work defies any apt description so we won’t even try to tell you about it
    For more from Sop2099 on NeochaEDGE, link here

    Selected by Andrew

  5. oecologia:

    Magwa Falls Lusikisiki, South Africa (by Hougaard Malan).

  6. pleoros:

    Adrian Rudzik - Hurricane Christina

  7. earwithfeet:

    "In the Kitchen" by Loren Haynes

    (Fonte: facebook.com)

  9. mimbeau:

    Café de Flore - St-Germain

    Paris 1949 - AFP Agency

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  14. 2headedsnake:

    Silvia Grav

    (Fonte: silviagrav.berta.me)

  15. actegratuit:

    stickwork sculptures by patrick dougherty

    (Fonte: ineedaguide.blogspot.it)